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African Climate and Agriculture

What is the name of gold mine outside of Johannesburg
Africa is a major producer of _____
Annual_____never exceeds 10 inches
____fisheries are important
Another word for Motherland
The problem with Africa's fishing sector
One of Africa's Largest desserts
Africa produced most of the world's ______
Produced 483 tons of this metal
Tropical wet conditions occur here
The metal used to produce nuclear energy
_____climate conditions occur in northern Africa
The metal used in jewelry
The second largest continent
Platinum is used in _____batteries
Important crops to Africa's tropical wet regions
What has increased by 500 percent
Africa is home to _______marvels
The lake that has the most productive fisheries
A center of oil extraction, refining and export
Another of Africa's desserts
_________conditions occur in northern Africa
Important Highland Crop
Another important highland crop
You will find deposits of ____