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Graduate Athens

To the guest, the ______ is Graduate Hotels. Remember, I = Graduate Hotels.
Each associate helps maintain Graduate culture by being an _____: a person who acts as a representative, messenger, or promoter of Graduate culture.
We are all _____. Writing the textbook on service.
We are ______. We are local gurus and have our fingers on the pulse of what's happening around town.
We are _______. We tell the stories of the hometown characters, heroes and legends, and celebrate the history & culture that makes the local community special.
Our ownership group is AJ Capital Partners. "AJ" stands for ______ ______.
In 1856, the property produced the UGA ____ & iron fencing around UGA's north campus.
We are _____ Makers. Whether it's a guest's first time in town or annual trip, we are here to make them feel at home.
___ was the first state-chartered university in the country.
In our service model, SMART, the S stands for ____ & greet.
Inspiring service means that what the guest gets _____ what the guest expects.
Graduate ______ was the first Graduate Hotel and opened in 2014.
Our GOAL is to create hotels worthy of their __________.
In our service model, SMART, the M stands for Meet Needs & ____.
We are _____. We exhibit the same optimism students feel on campus.
The name of the hotel in Lincoln Park that inspired the idea behind Graduate Hotels.
In our service model, SMART, the T stands for _____.
In our service model, SMART, the A stands for ____.
Graduate Hotels are a hand-crafter collection of hotels that reside in the most dynamic ______-anchored towns across the country.
The chemical equation for ____ ____ is a tribute to Charles Herty, the former Dean of the Chemistry department. This chemical equation is found in all guest rooms.
In our service model, SMART, the R stands for _____.