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Dog Sports: A little bit of Everything

Brought to you by Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
Name of the person the dog gets to bite in ring sport
If you want to play rally, you will need to learn the....
An excellent online dog training school for dog sports, behavior and more!
A popular motivator for dog sports
dogs start their track on the...
Name of the person who assists the judge in a competition
When you ask your dog if they want to participate, you are asking for...
Position that most dogs will take at a halt in heeling.
The best dog is!
When the dog switches from working on one side of the agility handler to the other, we calll that a....
When you want to get your toy back from a play session, you might cue your dog to "......"
Dogs look for ______ on the track
What the dog does to the stanchion when going over a jump and coming back quickly to the handler
Name of the person the dog gets to bite in IPO
Name of the position, usually on your left side, Close and straight, for obedience.