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Europe History 1914-1945

The United Nations created the State of _______ as a place for Jewish immigrants to call home.
Germany had to pay _________ to the Allies after the war.
The name of Hitler's book he wrote in prison.
The National Socialist German Worker's Party was also known as the ________ Party.
Elected leader of the National Socialist German Worker's Party
Taking over other countries and lands
In 1939, Hitler invaded what country to begin WWII?
Camps that were filled with gas chambers that could kill thousands of people at one time.
As the economic situation worsened, people began to blame the __________.
This country was the last country to sign a treaty that ended WWI.
World War I was also known as
Building up ones military.
The art of persuading others that your views are the correct views.
The Archduke whose assassination sparked WWI.
Hitler committed ________ on April 30, 1945.
Feeling intense pride for ones country.
This treaty ended WWI. Treaty of ___________.
In Hitler's mind, the perfect race was the _______ race.
A time when 11 million innocent people were murdered in state-sponsored killings.
Agreements made with other countries to protect each other.
Hitler shifted the country from a democratic country to a country led by a _________.
A symbol that all Jewish people were required to wear.
How many years did WWI last?
In 1933, Hitler was elected ___________ of Germany.
Hitler was able to unite the German people by blaming all of the country's issues on the ________ population.