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Christianity and Cats

Big cats can do this, small cats cannot
Early Christian church leader/missionary
Adam and Eve had to leave this garden
After the Edict of Milan, Christians were this
Jungle Book Panther
Small cat, named for their small tail
Church members not in the clergy
Head of the Roman Catholic Church
First four books of New Testament
Religious community where monks live and work
Constantine's mother
Cat has big feet and lives in the snow
To declare a person or group no longer belongs to the church
Person who travels to carry ideas of a religion to others
Married Simba
Killed by stampeed
Religious officials
Brought Christianity to Ireland
Fastest cat alive
Story that used events from everyday life to express spiritual ideas
Along with brother Methodius, brought Christianity to the Slavs
Church at Alexandria founded in the country
To mistreat because of one’s beliefs
The act of being saved from sin and allowed to enter heaven
Another name for a cougar, and a shoe
The Alley Cat (from the Airstocats)
The Pope is the Bishop of this city
Nero said Christians did this to Rome
Wrote much of the New Testament
The area a bishop is in charge of
In 726 AD, this emperor ordered all icons removed from the churches
Empire which founded Eastern Orthodox Church
On the third day, Jesus _____ from the dead
A fast cat and a type of car
A follower of Christ
Christian religious image or picture
Person who opposes use of icons
A subspecies of leopard, these cats are usually black
A holy person
Roman City destroyed by volcano
Different levels within an organization
Jesus was from this part of Judaea
Where Christians worship
Sent 40 monks from Rome to England
Person willing to die rather than give up his beliefs
First letter of the Greek Alphabet
A small leopard found in Central and South America
Hybrid lion and tiger mix
Many people will keep a cat as a _____