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Energy, Acceleration, Momentum, and Velocity Crossword Puzzle

Measured in m/s
The rate at which an object moves
Two objects move separately before and after the collision
What is the velocity of an object that has traveled 500m for a time of 25s?
Helps us quantitively represent energy storage and transfer
The rate at which an object speeds up or slows down
A change in position
Move separately before the collision then stick together & move with the same velocity after the collision
Two objects start together and explode and move separately after the collision
Distance divided by time
Type of energy in moving objects
If the line on a position versus time graph is straight, what is the velocity?
The product of mass and velocity
Type of energy that is stored
Measured in m/s squared
Calculate the momentum for a toy taco truck that weighs 7kg and is moving at 3m/s
How much momentum does an object that weighs 250kg and is traveling at a speed of 25m/s?
Calculate the acceleration for an object that is moving at 0m/s then moves at 30m/s in a time of 15 seconds
The ability to do work
Quality of a thing that keeps it moving