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History and Systems 1-4

Wrote the first American psychology textbook
Would examine the shape of a client’s head based on various cranial measurements and then make pronouncements about the persons personality, abilities and intelligence
Is also known as experimental self-observation and was Wundt's research method
He encountered a patient "Tan" and found an area of the brain
Was the first to investigate learning and memory experimentally
His most influential work is Psychology of Tone
Cultural psychology
Who is the inventor of phrenology?
Who realized it was possible to measure the relationship between the physical and psychological worlds
His theory is called Act Psychology
Who is the founder of psychology?
First American psychology student to visit Wundt's lab in 1879
The evaluation of a persons character, intellect, and abilities based on facial features
Discovered by Franz Anton Mesmer and involved relieving medical and psychological symptoms using animal magnetism
A philosophical viewpoint whose chief tenet was that knowledge should be acquired though observation and experimentation
Where did modern psychology’s research lab begin?
Originator was Phineas Parkhurst Quimby
Discovered by Franz Anton Mesmer
Who discovered the two-point threshold and Weber's Law
First American to earn a doctoral degree in psychology with Wundt
Contact with the dead was their principle activity, but also treated depression and anxiety, gave advice on work, marriage and parenting
An experimental psychology
His research was the basis for reaction time studies - a mainstay in Wundt's psychology lab
Wrote Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Wrote On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection