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History and Systems 5-8

Her work is often labeled engineering psychology
He published a new version of the Binet scale (Stanford-Binet)
Helped develop the Primary Mental Abilities test with her husband
What many historians say are Titchener's greatest contributions to American psychology
She was the leading reformer of the U.S. insane asylums
He called his psychology the experimental analysis of behavior
His school of psychology was called Structuralism
His theory is called Individual Psychology
The founder of Psychoanalysis
Wrote The Animal Mind
Who said the goal of psychology was to study how the mind assists the adjustment of the organism to its environment?
Titchener's no women allowed club
She extended the age for Stanford-Binet test to 3-month-old infants
The man who saved Coca-Cola
The school central in the founding of functional psychology
Its emphasis was on discovering the structure of consciousness
Who was the first person to be said to work in business and is the founder of I/O Psychology?
She worked as an industrial psychologist in Japan
Did the first deconditioning of fear with "Little Peter"
Wrote the Stanford-Binet revision with Terman
Freud's first lecture in the U.S. in 1909 covered the topic of...
Who founded what was perhaps the first psychological clinic in the world?
Formulated the Law of Effect
Who headed a special clinic for vocational guidance?
Functionalism peaked under this person
His theory is called Analytic Psychology
His test would become the model for intelligence testing for the 20th century
Would create controversy in the testing movement with his 1912 Ellis Island visit
Whose theory is called Dynamic Psychology?
For a time he enjoyed phenomenal success and popularity only to be come the "most hated individual in America"?
Her theory's primary idea is Basic Anxiety
Created the Draw-A-Man test
It has been called the first uniquely American school of psychology
Is generally described as the period in American psychology from 1930 through 1970
She wrote more than 150 articles and books and was APA President in 1971
Who was put in charge of a portion of the clinic directed at the diagnosis and correction of speech defects?
Considered the father of behaviorism
He found hypnosis as an effective treatment of hysterical patients
His most important book is called Purposive Behavior in Animals and Men
His article is typically seen as the official starting point of the functional view in psychology
He felt that mental illness is a biological phenomenon to be treated by natural science methods