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History and Systems 9-11

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Metal in 1919
One of the landmarks in the new cognitive psychology was the publication of his book Cognitive Psychology in 1967
Wrote the first textbook on gifted children
Which type of psychology's early role was to administer and score psychological tests and to interpret the test results
Worked with chimpanzees and wrote Insight and Mentality of Apes
Responsible for the research that was the first time psychological science was used by the Supreme Court
Her dissertation tested the a centuries old belief that women, because of their hormonal changes, were impaired cognitively and emotionally for a part of each month
Wrote the classic article "The Magic Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two"
He headed the development of the Army Alpha and Army Beta tests
America's first African-American female psychologists
Myth of Male _________
He is acknowledged to be the founder of Gestalt Psychology
His book Counseling and Psychotherapy was very influential
First African-American to earn a doctoral degree in psychology
_______ revolution in Germany took place around the same time as the behaviorist revolution in the U.S.
He published an article in the Psychological Bulletin, introduced Gestalt to America
This conferences in 1973 offered an alternative training program and introduced the PsyD
Lewin's system using the concept of fields of force to explain behavior in terms of one's field of social influences
Second African-American women to earn her doctoral degree
She wanted the APA to establish a committee to explore the possibility of certification in psychology
He wrote a book that introduced a new approach to the study of memory
Pioneered psychological research on sexual differences by actually conducting experiments
He published two important books on the psychology of race in 1935
His work in linguistics became well known to cognitive psychologists in the 1950s and 1960s
Invented the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon and coined the term flashbulb memories
A pioneer in the research of schizophrenia
He said behavior was a function of the interaction of the person and the environment