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World History Chapter 12

Was condemned and burned at Constance
Wrote The Institutes of the Christian Religion
The country in which the Reformation began
Summoned Luther to the Diet of Worms
Debated Luther at Leipzig
Religious groups who opposed infant baptism
Written in 1530, the doctrinal standard for the Lutheran Church
Instigated the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
Pope at the beginning of the Reformation
Ruled Spain and the Netherlands
Attempted to settle England’s religious disputes through compromise
Sponsored the Book of Common Prayer and the Forty-Two Articles
Said, “Here I stand. I can do no other.”
Sent out lay preachers called Lollards
Led church reform in Zurich
Appointed Thomas Cranmer archbishop of Canterbury
Elizabethan Settlement established this as the state church of England.
Issued the Edict of Nantes
Commanded ships that helped defeat the Armada
Drew up the Augsburg Confession
Dutch Protestant leader
Sold indulgences in Martin Luther’s area
Catholic queen of Scotland
Founded the Society of Jesus
Helped found the Presbyterian Church in Scotland
Certificates that supposedly granted pardon from the punishment of sins
Protestants in England who wished to cleanse the Anglican Church of its Catholic practices
Executed Cranmer along with three hundred other Protestant leaders