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(proxy) movie about a company trying to lower their stock costs but stocks increase greatly after new invention
(property) Land or belongings owned by a person or a group and kept for their exclusive use
These become legal entities once formed. They produce large and expensive projects
The principle that relates to the quality and quantity of information that becomes available to decision-makers at all levels.
Exclusive authority to determine how a resource is used
(financial) Tradeable assets of any kind
(financial) Is any variety of situations in which some financial assets suddenly lose a large part of their nominal value
A small business corporation which is limited in terms of total sales
An extreme example of weakened property rights
Champions property rights as an anti poverty measure. Believes transparency is a solution.
Two or more people operate the business together
(financial) Banks, financial markets
(proprietorship) The simplest form, 1 person owns and operates
(financial) Allows the exchange of funds between lender, investors, and borrowers
A rationing mechanism that distributes the things we prize by bringing two relationships together