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US History Ch. 12

Teacher: Stacy Stevens
Attorney General who organized illegal raids to hunt down suspected radicals
Economic and political system based on a single party government ruled by a dictatorship.
American investors loaned Germany $2.5 billion to pay back Britain and France.
A set of regulations that raised taxes on imports to protect against foreign competition.
Memebership to this organized group of nativists decline once it's criminal activity and racial violence was exposed
Maximum number of immigrants who were allowed into the US
Rejected war as a national policy
Radical opposition to any and all forms of government
President of the United Mine Workers
Governor of Massachusetts during the Boston police strike, he opposed the strikers and sent in the National Guard to restore order
Secret leasing of oil-rich land to private companies in return for money and land.
Policy of abstaining from involvement in world affairs
Harding's poker-playing cronies who took advantage of their political positions.