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Ancient Israel

The King who led Israel to the peak of its greatness
1st earthly king
Group of people who controlled an empire in Asia Minor and who used their resources for war and conquest.
Israel; fell to the Assyrian Empire in the 500s B.C.
One of the independent Phoenician cities
Group of people that were defeated because of God's power flowed through Moses' staff
The king who asked God for wisdom
The people to whom the Northern Kingdom and the Hittites fell in the 700s B.C.
Leader who received the 10 commandments at Mt. Sinai
Hittite City burned by the Assyrians.
Phoenician trading post which grew into a large city.
Judah; fell to the Chaldean Empire in the 500s B.C.
Place where God made a covenant with Moses.
The people to whom the Souther Kingdom fell in the 500s B.C.
Area between the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and the Euphrates River.
The leader of Israel after Moses' death
The river God parted to allow Israelites to cross over into Canaan
Prosperous sea traders who established a great network of trading posts.
Fortified city that fell at the sound of trumpets and shouts.
One of the independent Phoenician cities
Leader who warned Israel against the dangers of having an earthly king.