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Alfred Bird crossword puzzle

Abbie Wotton
Mr. Bird used...------ that substance to create his imitation of egg custard
This country was the the birth place of the inventor of egg-free custard.
Did he formulate and cook his first custard?
Where did Alfred Bird register as a pharmacist?
Another one of his famous inventions was.... ------- powder.
What was the key ingredient used to thicken traditional custard?
Mr bird died in this month it is also the same month we celebrate New Years!
This inventor of baking powder and egg-free custard was of...----- descent.
Where are Birds products and other brands mimicking its composition popular?
Mr. Bird, if alive today would work as a...------- at CVS
What was his fathers name?
His most famous invention was egg-free... -------
What was his wife's name?
In addition to eggs what was the other food his wife was allergic to?
His last name is also the name of an animal that flies,has feathers,and lays eggs
Did Alfred bird have a son or a daughter?
What is one of the main ingredients in his egg-free custard?