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The History of DJing

To prepare a song to be played.
Recorded or reproduced sound.
A transitional slide control.
Stands for beats per minute.
An electronic that changes audio.
To swap instantaneously from one tune to another.
Another word describing a DJ.
Stands for Digital Vinyl System.
The part of the music played in low register is called the ________.
Rate, rhythm, or pattern of music.
DJ's first started playing in _____.
The _______ within which audio is to be played.
A part of a song made to link 1 section to the next.
Stands for amplifier.
A pause in the music is called a _____.
DJ's use these for playing records.
The part that holds the stylus.
There are 16 _____ in 4 bars before the music changes.
What is it called when a DJ mixes 2 songs together?
_____ records were used in the start of DJing.