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The History of Life

______________ the idea that life arises from nonlife.
__________ Dating is a method used to study rock layers or strata.
This is the law that states that younger rocks are deposited on top of old layers.
A scientist who studies fossils
The theory that states the ancestors of eukaryotic cells lived in association with prokaryotic cells.
The period of time when dinosaurs begin to peak.
The era in time when humans form civilizations.
The Theory of ________ states that only living organisms can produce living organisms.
The period when all body plans arise.
The division of eras on the geological scale.
The movement of several large plates that make up Earth's surface.
The next largest division of the geological scale.
The amount of time it takes for half of the isotope to decay.
Preserved evidence of an organism
Time Scale is a model that expresses the major events in Earth's history.