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Environmental Science

By Anne Stockard, Elizabeth Laird, and Amanda Jordan 
_________ communities are considered to be in balance with their environment
Interactions between species affect their use of ______ and population size
The ability of a living system to survive moderate disturbances
Ecological succession reflects an ongoing _____
The gradual change in a species composition in a given area
Another word for Persistence
Occurred in the 14th century and spread through European cities
Ecosystems reveal that ecological succession is an ever-changing ________ of patches of vegetation in different stages
The ability of an ecosystem to be restored
The ______ view of ecological succession states that it follows a specific path and ends with climax communities
The word used to describe the path of succession
Changes in environmental conditions alter the __________ of species and their population sizes in communities and ecosystems
Type of succession caused by total destruction of an ecosystem
Type of succession that results from the disturbance of an ecosystem
There are always limits to population ______ in nature
Famine that ccurred 1844-1845, killed 1 million people, example of natural population control
Humans are not exempt from ___ population control