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What are clouds Crossword

Clouds at this level form several kilometers up in the sky
NASA also studies clouds on other __?__
clouds at this level generally form within a kilometer or two of Earth's surface
full of moisture
to change from a gas, or vapor, to a liquid
__?__ causes large droplets of water to fall through the air faster in the form of rain
thin, light, delicate
Clouds are categorized primarily by __?__ and shape
temperature, wind and other conditions where a cloud forms determine __?__ of cloud
These cloud types form sheets of clouds that cover the sky
These cloud types tend to be big and fluffy and look like giant cotton balls
These cloud types are thin and wispy and often curve with the wind
form when an area of air becomes cooler until the water vapor there condenses to liquid form
This planet has clouds that are similar to some clouds on Earth
Freezing rain
__?__ cause rain and snow to move around in the sky (2 words)
Studying clouds helps NASA better understand Earth's __?__ and climate
NASA uses satellites in space and __?__ to study clouds
to change from a gas, or vapor, to a liquid
During the day, clouds can __?__ us from the sun and keep Earth cooler