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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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The History of Money

This is a problem with paper money. It's too easy to:
This is a good thing about paper. It's very easy to:
Animal skins were used to make:
Before coins, this was a good form of money. Some animals have them too.
Shells can't be found everywhere, which means they're:
One problem with coins is that they are very:
People did this with cows, sheep and other animals to get things they needed.
This can be found on modern paper bills:
This is the shape of modern coins:
Modern paper bills are:
The man in the picture exchanged his cows for this:
We use this to pay for things on the Internet.
How much money is the English note we can see?
The market in the picture has very cheap:
People _____ one thing for another thing.
This word is next to the zero on the card machine.
This was a good form of money 3000 years ago.
You can buy almost anything here:
This was part of the country Turkey:
This is money that we can't see:
This is another word for money.
Chinese people started to do this 1200 years ago.
This flying animal can be seen on a very old coin.
Shells were a good form of money because it's hard to ____ them.
If I take money from someone else, but I will give it back later, it means I ______ money.
The first coin was invented here: