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W&W Q4 History of Fitness

Primitive, nomadic lifestyles required continual hunting and gathering of food for _______
During the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution, Daily physical activity ______ with fewer hardships to conquer
The Chinese culture recognized that regular exercise could prevent certain _______
The fitness levels of the general Roman population declined as material ________ became a higher priorities than physical condition
Recognizing the importance of physical ______________ in the battlefield, early leaders within the civilizations encouraged fitness among their peoples
Following successful hunting and gathering excursions, tribes would often travel up to 20 miles to _________
Ancient Chinese exercise programs consisted of various stances & movements that were actually modeled after the fighting styles of different ________
Throughout prehistoric time, the quest for fitness was driven by a need to survive through the tasks of _____ and gathering.
Perhaps no other civilization has held fitness in such high regard as ancient _______
The Greeks believed that development of the body was equally as important as development of the ______
The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution time was defined by important agricultural developments, such as the invention of the _____ and domestication of plants and animals
Unfortunately, The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution era also coincided with the beginning of a more ______ lifestyle
As an empire became more ________, physical activity became less important
An example of a civilization using ________ for political and military purposes which implemented mandatory rigid training programs to expand its domain
The Chinese developed Kung Fu _________ to keep the body in good working condition
Hindu priests did develop an exercise program that conformed to their religious beliefs; that program came to be known as ______
During its reign of conquest and expansion, the Roman Empire mandated that all its citizens maintain good physical condition and be prepared for ______ service