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Total Recall

By: Neil Agnew
NY pro football team
Grammy award-winning American violinist to call?*
French cold?
Snack co. with Snyder's of Hanover and Frito-Lay
Frozen celebrity to give a buzz?*
Commission overseeing hiring practices: Abbr.
What a winter day may be
With 20-across, sound familiar? ... or what you do in all of the starred clues
See 14-Across
Throat doc
Under's opposite
Famous inventor to telephone?*
In good shape
"There's no I in ____" (We need to work together)
Green-suited fairy to contact?*
NY airport
Goof up, formally
"You," in French
Sibling opposite bro
Wine: Prefix
Lewis and his News?
Colorado tribe member
Archipelago vacation hot spot owned by Portugal
Alcoholic's scourge
Made active, as an account
Disney creator
When repeated, a cheer
Chemical ending
Org. that represents teachers
Japan Prime Minister Shinzo
Rock or country genre prefix
English children's writer Blyton
Soap-making substance
"A ___ on both your houses!" ("Romeo and Juliet")
Tour vehicle for a band
Fantastic superhero film?
Toward the back of the ship
"What's your ___" (How soon are you coming?)
Long, long time