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New Mexico History Review Ch 1&2

Points Earned__________/_________
Understanding events and people based on accepted ideas from the time studied
Area of land with unique physical features and distinct plants and animals
Robert J Torrez was very famous________ in New Mexico.
Summary of an event based on the study of other sources
Beliefs and customs of a group of people, distinguishes one group from another
New Mexico is in the _________ region of the United States
Manos and Metates were used to grind these into flour.
Determines the flow of water across the continent of North America
These people created this hunting tool. It made hunting easier
Study of past cultures and people by examining left behind objects.
Stream or smaller river that flows into a larger body of water.
Ancient peoples
Objects people made or used in the past
This imaginary line divides the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.
This imaginary line divides the Western and Eastern Hemisphere
Spoken history that one person tells another.
New Mexico is the ______ largest state.
People who lived during this time did not keep written records and are considered to be _____.
Native peoples
Capital of New Mexico
San Juan County is in the _____ _____ province.
Discovered very large animal bones on the ranch where he worked
Navajo Dam is a manmade _______ for water storage.
First hand accounts or original objects or documents from the past.
New Mexico is located in the ______ Hemisphere
States most vital resource.
Study of Earth's land
These people came later and began farming and culture started to develop.
One-sided point of view