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The Westing Game Vocabulary Chapters 1-3

They had _____ time to complete the assignment.
The trash can gave off a _____ odor.
The tech team had to figure out where the security _____ came from.
She ordered special _____ for the event.
You have to buy from Saks to make sure you bag is _____.
They _____ the statue in the park.
Arkham _____ is located in Gotham.
The shoe was a _____ small, but she could not pass up the bargain.
Her _____ appearance worried her parents.
There is a large _____ in the dining room.
The little boy _____ on the merry go round.
He _____ with the decision to go left or right.
The velvet _____ will look nice in your room.
You _____ at babies.