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Art History Crossword Puzzle

Complete the crossword puzzle. (no spaces)
Found in Mycenae. Two beasts, which are believed to be lions, rest on this. c. 1250 BCE
Found in a small church in Ravenna. Shows Jesus as adult emperor wearing gold and purple, and holding a staff with a cross. Lunette over the entrance, Oratory of Galla Placidia. c. 425-426. Made with mosaic.
One of the most famous artworks from Knossos, Crete. Can also be found on the walls of a Minoan complex. Late Minoan Period c. 1450-1375 BCE
A round silver plate that depicts the story told in 1 Samuel 17 of the Bible. Plate is divided into three parts that tell the story. 629-630 CE. Diameter 19 7/8" (49.4 cm).
A free-standing gateway whose passage is covered by a barrel vault. Honors the capture of Jerusalem in 70 CE by Titus. Made of concrete and white marble, and 50 feet high.
Means "city on a hill." Dedicated to Athena. Rebuilt after Persian troops destroyed it in 480 BCE.
Where Poseidon and Athena held a contest for the patronage of Athens. Akropolis, Athens. 430s-406 BCE.
Depicts marching men on the sides of a bowl used to mix water and wine. Made of ceramics. From Mycenae, Greece. c. 1300-1100 BCE.
Set of rock houses and kivas formed in a "D" shape, and contained 800 rooms. Men performed religious rituals and instructed the youth. Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. 830-1250 CE.
Started from a building from 27 BCE, and built under emperors Trajan and Hadrian. It was designed by the Greek architect Apollodorus of Damascus. Has a rotunda. Used as a temple to Mars, Venus, and Julius Caesar.