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The hardships of colonial life ensured that the early settlers regularly engaged in physical activity in order to ______
One of the most important events with respect to modern fitness in the US was the Industrial ______________
Dr. Ken H. Cooper, advocated a new philosophy that focused on disease _____ instead of disease treatment through fitness.
During America’s National Period, gymnastics programs failed to attain popularity, since America was less vulnerable to foreign _______ than European countries were.
As technology advances, fitness levels tend to ______
Early in the 1950s, fitness tests were conducted on American _______
In the 20th Century, the American government passed ______ dictating that physical education programs within the public schools be improved
_______America remained an undeveloped country, and its people spent a great deal of their time and energy plowing the land for crops, hunting for food and herding cattle
President ______ was said to be the most physically fit president ever to occupy the Oval Office
America Post-Civil War the first scientific studies on fitness instruction and the creation of organized fitness ___________methodologies started in this era
Throughout history, the pattern has been evident that following a ____, people tend to relax more and exercise less
Calisthenics mixed with music is an organized fitness routine similar to modern-day ______
Close to 60 percent of American children failed at least one of the fitness tests, compared to only 9 percent of children from _____ countries
America Post-Civil War widespread _________advancements replaced labor-intensive jobs, which generally required less movement and lower levels of physical activity
After WWI, it was discovered that many of those drafted were highly _____ prior to military training
German and Swedish Immigrants who arrived in the United States brought in their ________ programs
By the 1950s, life-threatening ______ like cancer and diabetes became more widespread
When WWII concluded, the public learned that the armed forces had needed to _____ nearly half of all draftees or give them noncombat positions due to poor fitness levels
Due to the lifestyle during America’s Colonial Period settlers had no need for organized exercise ______.