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History of a Computer Vocab

Pertaining to a number system that has just two unique digits.
A device composed of semiconductor material that amplifies a signal or opens or closes a circuit
It is any program, or group of programs, that is designed for the end user.
A field of science whose goal is to control individual atoms and molecules to create computer chips and other devices that are thousands of times smaller than current technologies permit.
Information technololgy
Personal Digital Assistant
Acronym for common business oriented language.
Acronym for formula translator,
Related Terms Motorola microprocessors Intel microprocessors CPU socket CPU - Central Processing Unit computer CPU benchmark CPU time CPU cooler PC - personal computer ambidextrous computing A silicon chip that contains a CPU
Rich site summary
internal storage areas in the computer system
A small picture that represents an object or program.
an acronym for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
a portable computer that is small enough to be held in one's hand.
Acronym for graphical user interface,
Central Processing Unit