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Land Forms and Rocks

A low area between higher areas.
Rocks that form when melted rock cools and hardens.
The breakdown of rock into smaller particles from the effects of wind, water, and ice.
Rocks formed inside Earth from other rocks under heat and pressure.
The gradual wearing down of something by wind, water, and other natural forces.
A triangular landform where a river empties into another body of water.
The process by which sediments are pressed together under their own weight.
Feature on the surface of Earth such as a mountain, hill, dune, ocean, or river.
Hills formed by wind blowing and depositing sand.
The process where grains of sediment get stuck together. What makes rocks solid.
Layers of rock formed when sediment is deposited and then compacted and cemented over time.
The build-up of land by the settlement of sediment and soil in a new location.
A process in which rocks are constantly being formed and destroyed.
A deep gorge in the surface of Earth formed by the erosion of moving water and sand.