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Antigone Crossword Puzzle

Laios was the ______ of Oedipus.
Polyneices ______ Thebes after Eteocles refused to step down from the throne
A blind prophet that tells Creon that Gods disapprove of his decision to not bury Polyneices.
Creon sentenced Antigone to be held in a ____ after her illegal burial of Polyneices.
Antigone buries the body of ________ during the daytime.
Brother of Polyneices, who he killed in a battle of the throne.
At the beginning of the play, the chorus announces that Antigone will face ____ later in the play.
Creon is Oedipus's _______, who inherited the throne after the deaths of Polyneices and Eteocles.
Antigone spread dirt over her brother's body by _____.
______ claimed responsibility for Polyneices's burial, although it was not her.
Creon accuses Teiresias of lying to him so that Teiresias would receive ______.
Creon claimed that anybody who attempted to bury Polyneices will be _____ to death.
Euridice used a ____ kill herself
Creon banned Polyneices from being ______.
The leader of the chorus who can speak to both actors and the audience is called ________.
Haimon asks Creon to ____ Antigone
_____ buried her brother Polyneices, although it is forbidden.
The _______ reported Antigone and Haimon's suicides to Euridice
Antigone ______ herself so she could commit suicide.
The Queen of Thebes.
______ stabbed himself after learning about Antigone's death
Creon ruled over ______, where the play takes place.
Weapon that Haimon used to stab himself.
____ lost his whole family after is foolish decisions.
Oedipus ripped his ____ out when he found out that he killed his father and married his mother.