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Puzzling History

by Haley Johnson
James _____ in 1867 washed up in Callville, NV claiming his disastrous Colorado river trip began above the San Juan River
The first automobile to reach the South Rim was _____ powered
Known as "The Factor" he was the first person to complete a thru-hike of the Park's current boundaries
George Flavell was one of the first to run this famous whitewater rapid
__Tovar, one in a chain of hotels owned by Fred Harvey Company
This building was originally planned as an interdenominational chapel on the rim of the Canyon
Grand Canyon became the 17th ________ Park in 1919
_____ Brown co-led an 1889 expedition to map a possible route for a railroad line through the Canyon
Journalist ______ Wharton James wrote a book to "advertise" the Canyon to the rest of the country
A ____ training project to train astronauts in geology brought Aldrin, Armstrong and others to hike Grand Canyon in 1964
In 1875 he was chosen by Brigham Young to join a party in search of places to settle along the Little Colorado River
Designer of El Tovar Hotel
______ Canyon National Monument was established in 1969 and merged into today's park boundaries in 1975
They established a photography business on the South Rim around 1902
Francois Matthes, a ________ began mapping the Canyon in 1902
This Lake is on the Park's western boundary
John Hance was one of the first prospectors to turn into a _____ for tourists
El Tovar, Grand Canyon Lodge, Railroad Depot, Park Operations Building and the Power House are all National ______ Landmarks
Gilbert _______ Underwood designed the North Rim's Grand Canyon Lodge
Grand Canyon is a Natural World ______
This US President signed the act that doubled the size of Grand Canyon National Park in 1975