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chpt 8 sec 3 Judaism over the centuries

geography and early egypt
Lighting candles in a special candle holder called a ______.
The Romans burned the _____ Temple during the last days of fighting in AD 70.
Small group of about 1000 Zealots locked themselves in a mountain fortress called _____.
________ forced many Jews to leave their cities and find new places to live.
Religious teachers. They are responsible for interpreting the Torah and teaching.
______ Days are considered the most sacred Jewish holidays.
Jews share a special meal called ______
Many Jews imgrated to different parts of the ________ Region after a series of unsuccessful revolts.
Its eight branches represent the eight days through which the ____ burned.
The descendants of the Jews. They have a language of their own which is Ladino.
Celebrate the beginning of a new year in the Jewish calendar.
A rebellious group of Jews revolted against the ______.
The most rebellious of the Jews were a group called ______
The holiday called _____ is celebrated in March or April to remember the Exodus, which was the journey of the Hebrews out of Slavery in Egypt.
_____ is the holiday where Jews ask God to forgive their sins.
One Jewish tradition is celebrated by _____ in December which honors the rededication of the Second Temple.