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Cute Like a Persian Cat

Persian poet of shit your girlfriend reads over wine
It might not be a benz but it has to be white
Hamid will let you ride his magic ____
Lamb vegetable stew
We don't have a ________ bomb goddamit!!
You can't hear Hamid's heart, because between you and his chest is his bush of a __________
It smells like shit, it looks like a long piece of tastes like god's gift to mankind
That tent thing the persian women wear
It unites the two worlds between your left eyebrow and your right one
National fruit
Chicken kabab
You call it money, we call it our bearded clerics
Heaven at the bottom of the rice pot
Little Argentenian asshole that scored on us in the world cup
Dorsa won't get a job...but she'll get a ____job
Capital of Terror, I mean Iran
We overprice this accessory because you'll pay for it even though you'll just be stepping on it
It's soft and it's fluffy and it's a persian _____