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Music History(Reniassance and Baroque)

Teacher: Kenneth Basham
Music with non-religious text
Composed "The Messiah"
Composer whose tomb reads "Prince of Music" and credited with saving church music
Last name of the composer who wrote 17 masses and 100 motets, was from France, and learned from his teacher Johannes Ockeghem
Means "rebirth" and was a period that lasted between 1400-1600
Contains multiple melody lines being played at the same time; was popular during the Renaissance
Most famous for his work "The Four Seasons"
The name of the first opera
One of the first composers to write music for instruments only
A piece for chorus with vocal soloists and orchestra that has religious text
A long work for a solo instrument with orchestral accompaniment, featuring a virtuoso performer
Music with religious text
Country that was the focal point of the arts during the Renaissance
The most popular keyboard instrument of the Baroque Period.
Sung text in an opera that moves the story along
Considered the best composer of the Baroque Period
Last name of the composer who wrote the first opera
A priest who taught at an all-girls orphanage. Bach was a great admirer of his work.
A French word meaning "Irregular" or "Imperfect"
a short, unaccompanied choral composition; usually sacred.