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The Cat's Meow Crossword Puzzle

New style of music that became increasingly popular in the 1920's.
Movies in the 1920's that made sound.
Industry that grew after World War 1 due to the fact that more people were now able to buy one.
Outlaw of making, buying, and selling alcohol.
The movement from using to coal to electricity.
Most affordable and convenient way of communication the 1920's.
Hidden business that illegally sold alchohol.
Symbolic capitol in New York city that flourished in the 1920's.
One of the most influential Jazz players of the 1920's.
Strung across American by means of communication far places.
American professional heavyweight boxer of the 1920's.
College football player in the 1920's.
The most famous athlete in the 1920's.
Was granted for women on August 26,1920.
A certain group of women who had "Questionable behavior".