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Art History Extra Credit

Space between arches
Perfume canister
Destroyed images as they were devoted to images
Symbol of Christ
A dome support, creates a square room
Tower to Mosque - calls faithful to prayer
1 of 12 followers of Christ
Fear of empty spaces
Learning center for nuns/monks
Semicircle decoration
A page in the Qu'ran
Silk on Kaaba
Enclosed passage of entrance + nave
Place of worship for Muslims
Spoils of Pagan building, changed to Christian
Windows on high level to let light in
A follower of Christ
Book of kings
Where Monks work for pages
Authors of New Testament
Animals in Abstract/stylized - complicated pattern
Aisle perpendicular part of building
Wall that points toward Mecca
Semicircular recess covered with a hemispherical vault or semi-dome
Underground burial
Central part of a church/big center aisle