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U.S. History unit 2

The purpose of the Sons of Liberty was to_______ the law
Which French king aided The Americans?
Who organized the Sons of Liberty?
Over 70 years of fighting wars had caused England to go nearly ________.
What pamphlet did Thomas Paine write to convince many to aim for independence?
Who was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence
What did the changes to the original draft of the DOI mostly involve?
The Treaty of _____ of 1783 ended the American Revolution.
In order to avoid more conflict, settlers weren't allowed to settle past the ___________ mountains.
John Locke was a philosopher that believed in the social ________ theory.
What was the main issue that caused the French and Indian war?
Who also went to Europe to ask for aid?
Who was the American Commandeer at Saratoga
What was the Final battle of the American evolution
Who won the French and Indian war?
The ____-_________ tried and convicted smugglers before a military court.
Influenza,______,typhoid, and Dysentary killed most men during camp?
Who did the native Americans side with during the war?
To stop _________England established an extensive customs service.
In 1767 parliament passed a new series of laws that reignited _______.
The _________ of Liberty made the things that were being boycotted.
The _________ of five wrote the Declaration of Independence
England saw the Colonies as a _______ source.
The Treaty of Paris gave England Canada and all the land East of the __________ river.
To regain control of the of the colonies England instated the ____________ of 1763.
Who went to Europe to ask for aid?
Convicted smugglers did not have the right to a trial by ____.
How many sections did the DOI have?
what did the tea act make? (think board games)
Who did Washington defeat on Christmas Eve?