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U.S. history Unit 3

The North West Ordinance was a method for admitting new ___________.
The U.S. was _______ when war broke out between England and France.
Where were the the Articles called to be revised
Which type of states did the Virginia plan favor
The States economic debt led to _____ rebellion.
John Adams and ______________ ran against each other in the election of 1796.
Who had the least amount of power under the Articles of confederation?
Which state ratified the constitution giving it the 9 states needed to become the law?
The meeting to revise the Articles of Confederation was called the ____________ Convention.
Who helped Jefferson win the election of 1800
The first U.S. constitution was called the The Articles of _____________.
The land ordinance developed revenue to pay off the war ____.
What where the people against the Constitution known as?
How many people had to live in the new territories in order to become a state?
The _____ and sedition acts targeted the democratic Republicans.
Who won the election of 1796?
What where the people who where for the Constitution known as?
The _________ section of land in each town ship was reserved for public education.
The deal to settle the argument over representation between small and large states is known as the great __________.
How were the new stattes treated compared to the
Which level of government couldn't tax the people under the Articles of confederation?
George Washington chose the the title __________.
George Washington became the first what?
How many votes did each state have in congress under the Articles of confederation?
Who was made president over the Constitutional convention?
The North West territory occupied the land North and West of the ____ river.
The Ordinance banned _______ on it's territory.
The Land _________ of 1785 provided a mechanism for division of the land into 6-square-mile rectangles
Who tied with Jefferson in the election of 1800?
Who had a majority of the power under the Articles of Confederation?