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U.S. history Unit 5

____ _____'s Raid is another event that led to the Civil War. When an abolitionist, decided to fight slavery with violence and killing
Which amendment granted citizenship to all African Americans?
What is the deadliest battle of the Civil war
The _______ War began after the United States annexed Texas and insisted that the new border with Mexico was the Rio Grande River.
Who shot Lincoln?
Which amendment granted suffrage to all black men?
the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo ended the Mexican war
Another event that led the country toward Civil War was the Supreme Court ruling in Scott v.s _______
Where was Lincoln killed?
Who was put in command of the Union Army in March 1864?
Upon Lincoln's election what did did the southern colonies do?
The __ was founded in 1866 by confederate civil war veterans.
Throughout the war what did Lincoln suspended the right of?
Which side of the Civil war was better supplied?
Who led the battle of Atlanta?
Lincoln never intended to end _______ but instead stop it from spreading.
Great Britain and the United States had shared claim to ______ through a treaty that was signed.
Which amendment was adopted in 1865 and is very direct concerning the end of slavery in the United States.
Who was The Confederate commander?
The phrase coined to describe the belief that America was to expand and settle the entire continent of North America.
Who was the 11th president?
On the issue of slavery in proposed states and territories. ------- ------- included a provision using popular sovereignty, which would allow the citizens to have slavery
On April 14, 1865 Lincoln war ____________.
Lincolns main goal at the beginning of the war was the ____________ of the Union.
What laws were enacted to regulate relations between White Southerners and newly freed slaves.
How many years did reconstruction last?
Where was the first battle of the Civil war?
Who died in the battle of fort Sumter?
was annexed and when Polk took office.