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Art History Crossword Puzzle

Excelled in architecture, paintings and very much realistic sculptures. starting in 600 B.C.
Sculpture of a human resting his head in hands, created in the late neolithic Hamangia culture.
A sculpture known as the Aphrodite of Milo's made of marble made in the late 2nd century B.C.
1.14 meter by 1.9 meter terracotta depicting a married couple reclining at a banquet found in the 19th century at the necropolis of cerveteri.
The Olmec sculpted human heads from large basalt boulders. Dating from at least 900 B.C.
Style composed from primarily religious in the forms of fresco's and mosaics in the 6th century.
Characterized by semi-circular arches. combining features of ancient Roman and Byzantine buildings.
Roughly 5 inches, made from limestone and colored with red ochre. found in willendorf and expected to be tied into fertility.
Style developed out of Romanesque art in the forms of sculptures, stained glass, fresco's and illuminated manuscripts in the 12th century.
Pre-Romanesque German Art in the form of manuscripts, metalwork, ivory carving, wall paintings and sculptures. c.900-1050