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"Partner of dog trainers" quiz

Initials of the online dog training school where your partner takes lessons.
Your partner frequently carries one of these during training sessions.
How much money your partner spends on dog activities.
a popular accessory for well loved dogs
Dogs often sleep in their ____
What we do with a puppy primarily in the first 16 weeks of life
A common training motivator
One of the most important things to teach any dog.
Correct answer when your partner asks for another dog
The dog is barking at the door. You want to put the dog in the crate, but the dog won't go. What might you try?
Finish this expression: click and ______
The dog runs fast and completes obstacles. What sport is this?
A border collie belongs to this group of dogs
The name of the sport that uses rats
What is the name of the pouch where the cookies are stored during training?