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History & Service

The action of removing food debris from the table between courses or as needed. This can be done with a fold and plate or a small metal tool
As tapas arrive, we do a (2 words) check back to ensure guests are enjoying everything
This is the action of ensuring a guest has everything they need to enjoy their next course. We do this with wine glasses, steak knives, spoons, etc...
If a guest does not want bread, we should remove this from their table (3 words)
We ask every table about (1 word) and dietary restrictions.
This Barteca founder was the original food editor for Martha Stewart Living (first and last name)
This Barcelona closed after a fire in 2016 (city, state initials)
"To cover" in Spanish
Core Value: We focus on proper portioning, smart scheduling, care and maintenance of equipment to ensure this value.
All check presenters should contain this when the check is dropped
Barcelona has been around for this many years
In June of 2018, Barcelona became a part of this dining group
This Barteca founder was formerly a professional tennis player; he is now responsible for the majority of Barteca's artwork and photography (first and last name)
Core Value: This value is kind of like love; you don't need to tell someone you love them; they can tell by your actions - you don't need to tell someone you have this, they can tell
We use seat numbers with every drink order to ensure we never (1 word) off drinks to a table.
Core Value: We bend the rules, jump through hoops, and do whatever it takes for the guest. We never say no.
This person has the top priority right of way in the restaurant
The first Barcelona opened in (city, state initials)
The name of our water filtration system
Month the first Barcelona opened
There are this many open and functioning Barcelonas as of January 2019