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Family History

A count of people in an area. The US counts people every 10 years.
A person connected to you by blood or marriage.
The study or investigation of family history.
The process by which an immigrant becomes a citizen.
An ancestor's children , grandchildren and every new generation in the direct line.
A woman's surname before she was married and took the surname of her husband.
A person whom you are related to, who is generally a generation above your grandparents.
The last name of the person's family.
A drawing that shows the names of all family members over generations and how they relate to one another.
Information and certificates about births, marriages and deaths.
A legal expression of a person's wishes as to the giving away of his property after his death.
All the people of about the same age within a family.
A person with no brothers or sisters.
To legally take someone else's child to become your own child.