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Egyptian History Review

The worship of many gods
One of the reasons the Hyksos were able to defeat the Egyptians
War-like nomads settled in Egypt and took over the kingdom
This time of Egyptian history is often referred to this way
An African people under Egyptian rule for 700 years
Man who discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922
Favorite cave burial area is now called __________
The age King Tut became Pharaoh
This time began after a group of Egyptian princes worked together to drive the Hyksos out of Egypt
Government worker who became pharaoh
General who became Pharaoh and doubled the size of Egypt
These ____ were carved into the cliffs to create hidden burial chambers
Time of pyramids and mummies
A Nubian woman who became Queen of Egypt
The Nubians were conquered during this time
First woman pharaoh
First female pharaoh whose rule lasted over ____ years.
Pharaoh during the New Kingdom; lived to be 18; not buried in a pyramid
The worship of only one god
A family that rules a country for many years