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Rocks and Minerals

                                                Hour ___________
The ability to be scratched or get scratched.
Forms in nature, is solid, definite chemical make-up, inorganic, crystal structure.
The color of a mineral's powder.
Forms when magma cools slowly underground and forms large crystals.
WEDCC. Made out of once living things.
Formed when water evaporates, leaving minerals behind.
Process by which bonds in minerals break and reform in new ways.
Energy sources that formed from once living things. Ex: coal, oil, natural gas.
Sediment is glued or cemented together.
The tendency of a mineral to break along a FLAT surface.
Sediment is moved from one place to another.
Sediment is dropped or set down.
Forms when lava cools quickly on the surface and forms holes, small crystals, or no crystals.
Molten rock on the surface.
WEDCC. Made out of other pieces of rocks.
Molten rock under the surface.
Materials that settle out of water or air.
Each mineral has its own ____.
The way light reflects off a mineral.
Breaks and makes sediment.
The tendency of a mineral to break along an IRREGULAR surface.
Sediment is squeezed together.
No visible bands or stripes caused by HEAT.
The process by which crystals form from lava or magma.
Visible bands, stripes, or breaks into layers caused by PRESSURE.