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Texas History

By: Kitana McGuyre   1/9/19
Texas History
Period 3
Texas had _____ at the Battle of San Jacinto.
This word means friends or allies.
Texas is known as the ____ _____ state.
Sam ____ was the first president of Texas.
Texas _____ patrolled the Indians
The Spanish _________ Texas
Texas was the 28th ______
The capitol of Texas is ______
___ _____ was the last battle
The Texas _____ didn't last long
What is a presidio?
The _______ separates Texas and Mexico
_____ ____ was the leader of the Mexican army
The Battle of Gonzales was the beginning of what?
The crossword is over _____ History
The fall of the _______ was devastating
The revolutionary _____
The Texas flag has how many stars?