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World War Crossworld Puzzle- Adam Bosredon 10B

No one is allowed here, this is ________
Easter Sunday ________
Australia is very hungry ______
Video games series released in 2000 _____
“The Land of the Free” _______
Led Zepplin _________
Historically known in Western Europe as the ________
The largest country in the world sometimes referred to as mother______
A country in the shape of a “boot”
This country is very famous for beer and sausages
We need to make a U-turn _______
The largest country in Europe, most of the time referred to as the “hexagon”
That's a very nice fish __________
Mass modernization that was very significant in the UK _______
The radius of a circle is the distance from one end to the _____
Western Union______
Type of combat where opposing soldiers fight in the ditches of the front lines facing each other
An island in Europe
A very yellow chemical used in warfare during World War 1 ______
Airbus A350 is a very nice ______