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Minerals, Rocks, and Soil Core Science Terms

To cause something to go through steps that will change or improve it
The organic component of soil that is composed of plant decay
A solid, natural material that does not come from a living thing
Supplies of materials that can be used by people to do work and to supply power
Anything that that takes up space and has weight
To remove unwanted materials from a substance
Rock formed when any type of rock goes through changes caused by extreme heat and pressure
Melted, liquid rock that reaches Earth's surface
A rock that has useful metals or other minerals inside it
Pure substances; the building blocks of everything on Earth
The remains of a plant or animal that turned to stone over a long period of time
A mineral that forms in regular, tight patterns
A metal that is a combination of two or more metals, often making the metal stronger
The process of transporting and wearing away rocks or soil as loose particles are moved by water, wind, ice, or gravity
To use a tool to make a hole, such as to get materials from underground
The solid rock underneath soil or loose rocks; the lowest of three main layers of soil
To take minerals from the ground by digging or blasting
Having to do with or coming from living organisms
Rock formed when sediment is pressed together over time
Melted, liquid rock beneath Earth's surface
A material, usually hard and shiny, that allows electricity and heat to move through it
Rock formed by the cooling and hardening of hot magma or lava
The process of wearing away or otherwise changing Earth's surface, caused by natural forces
The series of changes that rock undergoes as it shifts between different types
A substance in its natural form
Supplies of things that are valuable or very useful to people
A hard, solid material that is made of minerals and is found in nature
To set down one or more layers of material in a new place, as water or wind can do to sediment
The middle layer of soil, which contains more rocks than topsoil
Not having to do with or coming from living organisms
The top layer of soil, in which most plants have their roots
The top layer of the ground, in which plants grow; dirt