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Ancient Greece

The Minoans influenced a civilization that developed among Greek speakers on mainland Greece
Political power is held by a small group of people
A Greek from another city-state or someone who was not Greek; resident alien
The art and practice of government
Governments run by a strong ruler
Citizens elect others to represent them in government
The ownership and control of other people as property
A hereditary class of rulers
A city along the coast of Saronic Gulf; they had democracy
Conquered Messenians
The Mycenaeans brought a "gift" to Troy, but at night the Mycenaeans destroyed Troy and their people
People who paid rent, either in money or crops, to grow crop on another person's land
A political system in which citizens participate directly in decision making
Lay on the fringe of two continents; Europe and Asia
A society organized for the purpose of waging war
Legal member of a country or a city-state
A formation of heavily armed foot soldiers who moved together as a unit
Membership in a community
Rule by the people
Military housing
This was a solution to the problem because of overpopulation
High city
People who were responsible for the day-to-day operation of the government
A place that was like a huge army camp
This city-sate got destroyed by the Mycenaeans