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Art History

Renoir did not use _______ in "Dance at the Moulin de la Galette Montmartre" even though areas look like it (p. 426)
Gauguin's job he left to become an artist (p. 438)
Mix colors by placing globs next to each other (p. 418)
Cassatt was drawn to whose work (p. 427)
Rodin wanted to show him at the moment he conceived a creative idea (p. 429)
Ukiyo-e prints provided an _____ look at Japanese life. (p. 423)
Where was Cassatt born (p. 427)
How many phases or periods did Renoir go through in his artwork (p. 426-427)
Cezanne created a sense of perspective by _________ planes of color (p. 432)
Painters capturing the color of light on objects (p. 418)
Who did Whistler sue for libel (p. 428)
How many of Cezanne's works were accepted by the Salon in 1882 (p. 432)
Artist who did not paint trees, instead painted the colors he saw (p. 418)
What crippled Renoir's fingers (p. 427)
How many years did van Gogh create art (p. 436)
Toulouse-Lautrec was the first artist to produce what ( p. 435)
Where did Whistler work the last years of his life (p. 428)
What was used to cast Rodin's best works (p. 429)
Subject of hundreds of Degas artworks (p. 424)
Unofficial leader of the Impressionists (p. 420)
Van Gogh's brother, a Paris art dealer (p. 436)
First artistic revolution since Renaissance (p. 418)
Placement of dots of color to create a vast array of hues and values (p. 430)
Sister-in-law of Manet (p. 423)
Where was Pissarro born (p. 422)
At what age did Toulouse-Lautrec break both legs (p. 434)
Many paintings exploring the same theme over a period of time (p. 424)
Well-know for his Paris street scenes (p. 422)
Painted "A Sunday on la Grande Jatte - 1884" (p. 430)
Artist Monet learn the fundamentals of Realist painting (p. 418)