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History of Banking Review

A review game for the history of banking in the United States and the Federal Reserve
Created the national banking system in the US
Established the Federal Reserve in 1913
One of the Fed's three main responsibilities is to supervise and _______ commercial banks
The Central Bank of the United States
Prints paper money for the Federal Reserve to use
Regulates the amount of money available in the economy
How many members are on the Board of Governors
A nation's money
Lead by Thomas Jefferson
Low _______ is a long-term goal of the Fed (Hint: think monetary policy)
The number of Federal Reserve Districts
The Fed is also known as _______
The Fed keeps the economy healthy by managing the nation's money _____
Cash available for withdrawals
A crisis that lead to monetary reform, recession, and the estblishment of the Federal Reserve
Paper Currency not backed by gold during the Civil War
Lead by Alexander Hamilton
Which Fed entity issues the nation's monetary directive?