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The American War of Independence

The Battle of ________ that resulted in reversing the losses by getting 6000 British soldiers to surrender.
__________ Tea Party is the act in which colonists protested against the British Tea Act by raiding ships in Boston Harbour and dumping imported tea into the sea
Benjamin Franklin, scientist and ambassador was instrumental in securing the _________ support for the colonists
The Declaration of ________ was written by Thomas Jefferson
The ___________ Act enacted by the British that required the people in the colonies to pay a tax on every piece of printed paper they used like Ship's papers, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, other publications, and even playing cards.
Name given to the American colonists who wished to break free from the British yoke
Refers to the colonists who took sides with the British monarchy
'No ________ without Representation' was the rallying cry of the colonists
Number of American colonies that the British had established on the East Coast of America
As per the Declaration of Independence, the Creator endows certain ____________ rights on every men
The expenses incurred during the ________ years war between the French and the British caused Britain to impose taxes on the colonies to recover
Name given to the British army
The Battle of ____________ was the last major battle in which the British were conclusively defeated
The ______ Act imposed taxes on tea and proved to be the proverbial final straw to strain the relation between Britishers and the colonists.